Sunday, June 12, 2011

Vegan Leadership

One of the potlucks I went to a couple of weeks ago on Maui was at the amazing Spirit of Aloha Oceanfront Botanical Gardens.  The owner, Frederic Honig, is a dedicated vegan, and called together top vegan leaders on Maui for a vegan strategy meeting to help promote veganism on Maui.  Held on 11 acres of gorgeous oceanfront property, representatives from raw food retreats, a farm sanctuary, locally renowned vegan cooking teachersvegan/raw authors, and others – all gathered to discuss ways to maximize veganism on Maui.  Topics included:

·     How to spread the word about veganism on Maui
·     How to promote local vegan and raw businesses
·     How to encourage all restaurants on the island to offer vegan options
·     How to bring conscious eating to local schools
·     How to help local Hawaiians adopt a vegan diet, and
·     How to help people connect their food choices with the animals. 

As I sat at this auspicious meeting of incredible leaders in the vegan community, I looked out over the ocean and thought, “Where else are people doing this?  Where, across this country and across this world, are people actively meeting in an effort to reduce the suffering of animals, the destruction of our environment and the health of our communities?”  There are state vegetarian and vegan societies, meetup groups, and others who are planning similar meetings. Have you investigated where those meetings are taking place near you? Have you been to one?  If none are close by, perhaps it’s your turn to step up and be a leader!  The power of one is mighty, but the power of a dedicated and passionate group has no limits.

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